Degrassi Recap: Chasing Pavements

April 9, 2011

A PLOT: Fiona’s trial against Bobby + her love for Holly J.


Fiona's wet dream.


I feel like part 1 of this plot came a little too late. Fiona’s abuse storyline was the very first episode of season 10, which, I may remind you, was almost a year ago. It’s at the point where no one really cares about it anymore. There’s nothing exciting about the trial. We pretty much knew she was going to win, and we knew we would probably never see Bobby again. I guess the reason for having the trial now is because they just wanted to get it over with while stuffing it in another Fiona episode (because it wouldn’t fit anywhere else). Side note: Am I the only one whom Degrassi reminds of Skins? They focus each episode on a certain character. The difference is on Skins it works, because while the focus is on one character, it usually affects everyone else and advances more than one plot. On Degrassi, the outside characters are given useless, weak plots that won’t even matter next week and will never be mentioned again. Back to Degrassi: I felt part 1 was a tad weak. It seemed it existed just two get two things out of the way: Bobby and Fiona’s alcoholism/rehab. The most talked-about moment was probably the Folly J. kiss—which didn’t affect their friendship at all or reveal Fiona’s feelings to Holly J. It was all hype. Part 2 made things a lot more interesting, with Fiona finally revealing herself as a lesbian (to her mom and Holly J.—we all knew) and finally resolving things with Adam. At the beginning of the episode, we see Fiona gathering the courage to talk to Adam, inviting him over to watch a movie. They end up making out, and Adam comes to the realization that Fiona only wants him because he was born a girl. He gets angry and leaves. I think we all knew that Fadam was a plot device for Fiona’s lesbianism and that it wasn’t going to be Fiona actually loving Adam for who HE is. Later on, Fiona invites Holly J. over for a sleepover. Fiona asks Holly J. what being is love is like, and HJ kinda-sorta admits she’s still in love with Declan. We can see Fiona’s disappointment. I feel bad for the girl. I kind of knew she was going to come out as a lesbian (her bad luck with guys is obvious), but I really wasn’t expecting her first love to be HJ. When HJ goes to sleep, Fiona tells her mom she loves Holly J. more than anyone in the world and admits she’s a lesbian. I didn’t think this was very realistic. Fiona didn’t even want to accept herself as a lesbian (she covered it by dating Adam), so having her completely, directly, and easily telling her mom like that didn’t make sense. I also think the scene with her telling Holly J. was a bit off. It was way too easy. Fiona KISSED Holly J. and told her she loved her. Since Holly J. thought she was straight, she didn’t suspect anything, but when she found out the truth, I think she would put the pieces together. I felt this could’ve been a lot more surprising and exciting if her sexuality wasn’t revealed months ago through promos that (always) give away basically the entire episode.


B PLOT: Anya and Owen.

Owen gets a little touchy-feely during lifeguard class. There was absolutely no point to this plot  AT ALL, expect maybe for giving them an excuse for Daniel Kelly being in the credits. So, Owen likes Anya. He touches Anya. She doesn’t like it. He gets kicked out of the class. She feels bad. She makes it better. He touches her again. She calls him out in The Dot. Yeah, yeah. Anya is still boring, and Owen is still a douchebag. What a waste. Watch this never be brought up again.


C PLOT: Alli saves the day.

Here we go. Another downright stupid plot. Alli returns to Degrassi (which I think went too smoothly, especially after all the crap she’s put us through the last billion episodes) and takes it upon herself to help raise Grade 10’s standardized test scores to save Simpson’s job. I really think this plot space should’ve been given to someone else, considering the complete Alli overload we’ve gotten. (They’ve basically ruined her character, even though I never did like her.) They also try to give Alli and Drew an excuse to talk, and their only connection is shown during a music montage. If they were trying to give some implications of a love triangle between Bianca, Drew, and Alli, I think they could’ve saved that for season 11. It just is so uninteresting and tired right now. Alli bribes her classmates to study by promising them a dance without permission: another juvenile move of Alli’s. Of course, she gets it anyway, because she raises the scores 11 WHOLE POINTS! Yeah, okay. What could she do in such a short matter of time that a teacher couldn’t do everyday in a classroom all year? Hey, I forgot, Alli even got a fistbump from Bianca for securing the dance. I hate how rivalries are only amplified when the plot line calls for it, but any other time, the writers are just like “whatever”.